Why are men stigmatized and women fetishized when it comes to maintaining appearance?

with Scott McCarty


Recently I’ve been posting videos on TikTok about many different mental and sexual health topics, and the response has been surprisingly overwhelming … unfortunately. I was shocked that some were not listening to my messages; they were shaming me and personally attacking me because I wear a hair piece. This Smart Sex, Smart Love podcast is dedicated to a discussion, not just about men choosing to wear hair pieces, but about the double standards around maintaining and improving your appearance. Men are attacked, humiliated and demasculated because we want to look attractive, we want to feel sexy, and we want to feel good about ourselves. If wearing a hair piece can do this for some of us, why are others trying to humiliate us and challenge our masculinity? Scott McCarty from Shear Pointe Hair Restoration Center in Birmingham, Michigan, joined me on my podcast to talk about how a hair loss solution truly can change a man’s life; why men deserve to feel attractive too and feel good about themselves. If wearing a hair piece can do this for anyone, why can’t a man take that step to get the results he wants, but a woman can?

For more information about Scott McCarty and his work, please visit his website, shearpointe.com.

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