Dr. Kort welcomes consultations

Creating a vision and goal which you wish to achieve.


Working alongside Joe, you will:

  • Create a vision and goals you want to achieve
  • Brainstorm different ways of thinking to achieve your goals
  • Develop a plan with results that are attainable, measurable and specific, with target dates
  • Identify your level of commitment to your goals
  • Implement tools to stay on track with your goals, while allowing flexibility for adjustments

Before meeting with Joe, ask yourself these questions:

  • What results are you expecting from the consult?
  • How honest and open are you willing to be during the consult?
  • What is your accountability level when it comes to achieving your goals?

Next steps

At this time, I work in person and through online Zoom sessions. During our consult, I will want to hear all about you, including your current personal challenges, what you want to change, and what goals you want to establish. After we develop goals and a specific plan to achieve them, I will discuss the next steps in this process and recommend a therapist who I feel will be the right fit in guiding you successfully to goal achievement.

Our consultation is 75 minutes. Please call the office for fee information. Payment is expected at the time of your appointment. Please note: you must give at least 48 hours prior notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, or you will be charged for the consultation.


As a licensed therapist, I adhere to the letter of our licensure regarding confidentiality. I only will release information about our work to others with your written permission, or if I am requested to do so by court order. There are some situations in which I am legally obligated to breach your confidentiality in order to protect others from harm (eg, I have information that indicates a child, or elderly or disabled person is being abused, or if you are in imminent risk to yourself or have made threats of imminent violence against another person).