LGBTQ Affirmative Psychotherapy

Learn the issues that the LGBTQ community face.


As a psychotherapist,

If you have LGBTQ clients,

It’s not enough to be LGBTQ-friendly.

The fact is, even the best intentioned therapists have some level of homophobia to overcome. From birth, heterosexist culture imprints us to think that heterosexuality is primary, and that any other orientation is inferior.

It’s not even enough to be LGBTQ yourself .

Regardless of your orientation, we’re taught the homonegative belief that the “alternative lifestyle” of being LGBTQ is a more difficult way to live. But the “alternative” of living heterosexually is actually harder for the LGBTQ community, and can lead only to depression and self-defeating, or even self-destructive behaviors.

Learn the issues that the LGBTQ community face.

They may surprise you!