The Bald Truth:
Why is a Man’s Masculinity Questioned?

The bald truth

Recently I’ve been posting videos on TikTok about many different sexual health topics, and the response has been surprisingly overwhelming … and not in a good way. I was shocked that women and men were not listening to my messages; they were shaming me and personally attacking me because I wear a hair piece.

Men are humiliated and demasculated because we want to look attractive, we want to feel sexy, and we want to feel good about ourselves. If wearing a hair piece does all of this for us, why are others trying to challenge our masculinity? Why is this misandry happening?

I recently hosted a Smart Sex, Smart Love podcast on this subject. My guest, Scott McCarty from Shear Pointe Hair Restoration Center in Birmingham, Michigan, talked about how a hair loss solution truly can change a man’s life; why men deserve to feel attractive too and feel good about themselves. If wearing a hair piece does this for a man, why wouldn’t he take that step to get the results he wants? Why are men stigmatized and women fetishized when it comes to maintaining a “natural” appearance? What does this say about our culture when women are admired for their beauty enhancements while men are shamed?
It’s time to come out of the hair piece closet! I’ve dedicated a series of videos on TikTok to “the bald truth” and my own personal journey to enhance my natural appearance proudly and challenge the myths of masculinity. Click HERE to watch the videos.
To listen to my Smart Sex, Smart Love podcast on why men are stigmatized and women are fetishized when it comes to maintaining appearance, click HERE.
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