Skip McClatchey on HIV & AIDS

with Skim McClatchey


This week, Joe’s guest is Skip McClatchey. Skip works for Wayne State University’s Adult HIV/AIDS program and is on the show to discuss how HIV stigma is unwarranted, and helps nobody. Skip began his HIV work as a volunteer with the Wellness project in Ferndale, Michigan, back in the early 90s during the peak rise of incidences.

“It’s not people that are problematic,” says Skip. “It’s the behaviors! HIV is a disease that anybody that has ever had unprotected sex is at risk for.” Skip believes HIV is very treatable, regardless of income or insurance status in Michigan. “Everybody needs to be tested. If infected, get treatment, if unaffected, prevention is available. Too many people equate sexuality with intimacy. I say, ‘safer sex’ not, ‘safe sex!’”