Renelle E Nelson on Infidelity & Betrayal

with Renelle E Nelson


On this episode Joe is chatting about Infidelity with licensed marriage & family therapist, and certified sex therapist, Renelle E Nelson.

Relationships are sometimes complicated and finding out your partner is cheating on you can be devastating.  It can feel like the relationship is over and nothing can be done to save it. The truth is, current studies show that recovery from infidelity can happen successfully, and your relationship will be better than ever on the other side.

Renelle, who works in Arizona, is an infidelity/intimacy recovery strategist, and believes we need to take responsibility for our feelings. “Often we want the person that hurt us, to heal us,” she says. “But you’re hiding in your righteousness. Couples don’t grow apart, they stop communicating. You can’t assume monogamy. Couples need to discuss what they want in their relationship, because infidelity breeds in darkness. Cheating is a choice. Never assume. Discuss!”

So, how do you deal with, and recover from infidelity? Let’s find out….

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