‘Reasons Why I’m Single’ girls, Chelsie & Staci on Relationship Killers & How to Navigate Them

with Chelsie and Staci 


This week, Joe’s guests are co-hosts Chelsie & Staci from the comedy lifestyle podcast, “Reasons Why I’m Single” – a hilarious show revealing the struggles two 30 something Metro Detroiters have dating.

These girls pride themselves on being open books! ‘Reasons Why I’m Single’ discusses the ups and downs (hint: mostly “downs”) and mayhem that ensues in the world of dating today. The girls join Joe to talk all things, ‘Relationship Killers,’ – what to look out for, how to navigate the bad stuff, and how to deal with baggage from previous relationship experiences, to be able to move on in love. As Chelsie says, “You don’t want your relationship to feel like a job! You need to find a partner that helps you put on your clothes after sex, as well as taking them off you beforehand!”

The girls believe that, in the long run, trust and communication with your partner will be more successful, than a bunch of luggage from failed matches. Plus, they advise dating with RuPaul’s words firmly at the forefront of your mind, “If you can’t love yourself, how are you going to love anyone else?!”

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