Peter Bippus on Difficult Topics Around Male Sexual Assault

with Peter Bippus


On this episode Joe meets Marriage & Family Therapist, Peter Bippus to talk about survivors of male sexual assault.

Having worked with a host of populations from inmates awaiting trial, to families coming to terms with their transitioning children, to survivors of domestic abuse, Peter is not one to shy away from difficult topics.

He hosts a monthly online group for male survivors of sexual assault where he offers a safe space for its members to share, support and grow.

Talking about male sexual assault is difficult. “Men are not supposed to be the victims,” says Peter. “It’s difficult for men to separate the assault from the assaulter. But it is possible for them to move on with education and a secure place to ask questions.”

You have to delve deep to recover, believes Peter, else “it’s like piloting a plane, without going into the cockpit.”

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