Michael Vigorito on Out-of-Control Sexual Behavior

with Michael Vigorito


“There’s no such thing as an eroticectomy! People want to be sexual, but they don’t want to feel shame about it,” says this week’s guest, Michael Vigorito.  “So, we (therapists) are not un-wiring the sexual gas pedal with our clients. We are working on how to manage it.”

On this episode, Joe chats about the out-of-control sexual behavior model, with licensed marriage and sex therapist, Michael Vigorito – Co-author of ‘Treating Out of Control Sexual Behavior – Rethinking Sex Addiction.’

The truth is, that in trainings for sex addiction treatment, there lacks a mandatory sexual health and sex therapy component. Without a sexually informed model, it is easy for therapists to pathologize sexual behaviors and not provide effective treatment. The term ‘sex addiction’ is thrown around like confetti, and that needs to stop!

“We need to walk through these moments of being ‘ping-ed’ by your desire,” says Michael, and not stand in judgement of one’s sexual problematic behavior.

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