Meagan Narvaez on Mindful Sex

with Meagan Narvaez


Today Joe is joined by Sex Coach and host of, ‘The Sex And…’ podcast, Meagan Narvaez and they’re chatting about how to connect to our body’s wants and needs, in order to stay more present during sex, whether solo or with partner(s). Meagan is a queer Latinex therapeutic sex and relationship coach, currently living in Atlanta, Georgia. She helps clients explore their sexual and mental blocks, so they can have fulfilling, orgasmic, thrilling, and gratifying sex.

“Sex is a skill set,” says Meagan, “And most of us have many obstacles that prevent us from tapping into those skills. I help people take control of their sex lives.” Joe and Meagan talk about how mindful sex can help you be more satisfied in bed, plus, and more importantly, love yourself more wholeheartedly. This episode is all about sex positivity!

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