Anal Sex‬

with Mahmoud Baydoun


Anal sex can be erotic, painfree and fun!

Anal sex is disgusting, it’s sinful, it’s wrong, it’s only for gay couples, it’s too painful, it won’t be pleasurable. Many individuals do not think of the anus as an erotic zone, but it can be.

In a Smart Sex, Smart Love podcast, Mahmoud Baydoun, a Brazilian psychologist, certified sex therapist and online sex educator, talked about anal sex and how it can be erotic, painless and pleasurable for all couples.

Mahmoud, through his thousands of social media communications, finds anal sex is one of the most common subjects people want to know more about. He emphasizes that there should be no guilt, no shame, or no fear of judgment when it comes to choosing anal sex. Your anus is bisexual, he points out, and anal sex has nothing to do with sexual orientation. What we do in bed has nothing to do with our personality, he adds. It is all about how you want to express your sexual needs. You do not need a penis and vagina for stimulation.

The first concern for most couples is pain. Anal sex is not painful and can be pleasurable and erotic if it is performed correctly. There are techniques to practice that will help relax the anus, allowing for a pleasurable experience. Since the anus does not self-lubricate like the vagina, lubricant is a must. And sex gadgets can be very stimulating, too.

If a couple decides to have anal sex, Mahmoud advises they start slowly with touching and caressing to make sure they are relaxed. The muscle in the anus needs to relax to allow comfortable penetration. Start slowly. Continue communication with your partner and stop immediately if you are finding the experience is painful or uncomfortable.

Anal foreplay and massage also will improve the erotic experience. Massage other areas of the body and work your way to the anus. Avoid tensing the muscles in the anal region. The more excited you are, the more desire you will have and the more relaxed your anus will become, all will allow for more enjoyment.

And remember, anal sex must be consensual.

Anyone can enjoy giving and receiving anal sex – men, women, gay, bisexual, straight. It is up each couple to decide what you want, what you enjoy and if you want to experiment.