Liz Reed on Toxic Relationships & How to Avoid Toxic Love

with Liz Reed


This week Joe‘s guest is Clinical Social Worker, Therapist & host of the ‘Liz Life Guru’ podcast, Liz Reed. Liz joins Joe to talk all things Toxic Relationships & How to Avoid Toxic Love.

“You deserve to be happy,” says Liz. “In order to make that happen you have to choose a good tribe!” Liz, a psychotherapist with a passion for helping people change their lives, specializes in anxiety, depression, addiction, as well as family issues. “Often, we think that since we share a bond with family, a DNA with them, that they are the people that we need to be with, no matter what they say or do to us, or how they make us feel. That just simply isn’t true. You can find a fabulous family, a fabulous tribe of people from perfect strangers as long as you are looking for the right people, says Liz.  “Toxic people in our lives are energy vampires! They destroy our energy. They’re abusive, unsupportive, unhealthy and emotionally negative to us. And we just really don’t realize the damage they’re doing. We think that’s my mom, my dad, my brother or sister, a good friend of 40 years and I should be able to look past that, and just accept them, because that’s what society says. That simply isn’t true!”

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