Child-Centered Mediation

with Jeanette von Grabe


Conflict is natural in a divorce, but what happens to the kids in the midst of a brutal divorce battle? Parents are so fixated on “winning” the fight while their children stand on the sidelines confused, frightened and worried. Child-centered mediation can be a win for everyone. A child-centered mediator helps couples develop a collaborative mindset that sets the tone for the rest of the divorce process. Parents meet with the mediator to discuss a tangible, written parenting plan, which is an effective and cost-efficient method of negotiation that can help couples resolve their issues satisfactorily while keeping the needs of the children at the forefront. Do you really want a judge or attorneys deciding when you can see your kids at Christmas or how much time you can spend with them during summer vacation? Jeanette von Grabe, child-centered mediator with The Center for Relationship and Sexual Health, discusses the parenting plan process and how it can work for couples uncoupling.