Amanda Luterman on Erotic Empathy

with Amanda Luterman

On this episode Joe chats about Erotic Empathy with psychotherapist and founder for the Center for Erotic Empathy, Amanda Luterman. Amanda, who works in private practice in Montreal, Canada, believes eroticism within a couple’s relationship is very important. Her clinical work focuses on prioritizing a couple’s connection with empathy; an approach and skill set she has developed called, ‘Erotic Empathy.’

“You need to accept your partner can view you in a light that you may not see yourself,” says Amanda. “We need to validate and include the unique experience of the person that is right in front of you and be more present for sex. Then you can more easily be your authentic sexual selves.”

Check out Amanda’s workshop on Erotic Empathy on the Modern Sex Therapy Institutes Website HERE!

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