Eleni Economides on How to Talk to Your Teen About Masturbation

with Eleni Economides


On this episode, Joe is joined by Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, Eleni Economides.

Eleni is located in Rochester NY where her work focuses on helping her clients address concerns around sexuality and relationships. On this show, Joe and Eleni discuss how best to talk to your teenagers about masturbation.

As Eleni says, masturbation is a healthy milestone for our teens and is a very normal part of our sexual development. Teaching them to do it right (as an act of self-love, body awareness and self-soothing) is a gift that will serve them for life. “Don’t underestimate your influence as a parent on your teenager,” says Eleni. “Yes, masturbation is a difficult subject to talk to your kids about. But, be brave and guide them!”

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