Dr. Megan Fleming on Prioritizing Sexy Self-Care as a Parent

with Dr. Megan Fleming


On this episode, Joe explores how to prioritize self-care time as a parent, with his guest, Dr. Megan Fleming. Dr Megan is a nationally recognized, certified sex & relationships expert, with over 20 years experience with individuals and couples, teaching them skills and strategies to get the sex & relationships they really want. As the resident sex expert on the ‘Girl Boner’ podcast, Dr. Fleming believes coming into our sexual being, is what allows us to thrive and feel fully alive. She says, “Sexuality is vitality!”

But, finding time for self-care and sex as a parent, is tough. Even more so now, during Covid-19.  “Self-care is challenging under the best of times,” says Dr. Fleming. “Today, (with quarantine) we are in unprecedented times. The first thing people should do is give themselves a big pat on the back!” She goes on to say, “There’s a reason they tell you to put the oxygen mask on yourself first on an airplane – when we take time for our own self-care, we actually have more to give!”

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