Dr. Lee Phillips on Sex Therapy and Chronic Illnesses & Disabilities

with Dr. Lee Phillips


This week Joe meets Dr. Lee Phillips. Dr. Phillips is in private practice in Washington, DC where he treats clients with chronic illness and sexual dysfunction. Author of the book, ‘Sex & Love When You Are Sick?’, Lee, an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, also lectures on topics including sexuality, anxiety & stress management, caregiving stress, depression in the elderly, mindfulness and cognitive strategies for chronic pain. 

Dr Phillips wants to crush the myth that people with chronic illness and other disabilities are not sexual. Also, today, during Covid-19 many are dealing with anticipatory grief as well, and that plays into our sex lives too. “People are very scared about what the future holds,” says Dr. Phillips. “Right now as a world, we’re in fear about what’s going to happen to us, and that can also make having a sex life difficult.”

But, despite this,  Lee believes that couples can overcome shame, and sexual limitations caused by illness, (or Covid fear)  to reclaim a sex life that works for them!

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