Mixed Orientation Marriages

with Dr. Joe Kort


I’ve heard the story so many times through the years …. a husband comes out of the closet, only to send his wife into it. Mixed orientation marriages and relationships are far more common than we realize, but our culture still considers them taboo. One spouse is gay or bisexual, one is heterosexual, and the secret finally is released, only to cause anger, hurt, resentment and a flood of negative emotions. These couples still love each other, which creates even more anxiety and conflict. This truly is a two-person crisis. The wife deserves support, understanding and someone to talk to, but she is so embarrassed and humiliated that she hides from the truth. The husband desperately wants to be set free from his secret, but he doesn’t want to hurt his wife or his family. So, what happens? The couple can split up and lead two separate lives, or they can begin the journey of relationship transformation as they learn how to deal with their new normal and discover what they really want – together or apart. This Smart Sex, Smart Love podcast digs deeper into what is next – and what is best for these couples living in a mixed orientation marriage.