Are You Getting The Love You Want?

Have you just begun a relationship that you want to keep?
Want to resolve longstanding conflicts with your partner?
Want to decide if your relationship can be saved?
Want to make a good relationship even better?
During the weekend of April 15–17, 2005 I am doing a Lesbian and Gay Couples’ workshop. This weekend couples’ workshop is based on Imago Relationship Therapy as developed by Harville Hendrix, Ph.D. and explained his book, Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples.

Imago is the Latin word for image . Dr. Hendrix developed the premise that your personal imago is a composite of those people who influenced you most strongly at an early age. You find yourself attracted to people with much the same traits as your original caretakers. Unconsciously, then, you’ll bring unresolved childhood conflicts into your romantic relationship—giving your partner the burden of meeting those needs.

Both members of a couple tend to do this, of course. And without understanding why their conflicts arise, many people simply walk away from their relationship. But for most couples, even a conflicted partnership has vast potential for mutual healing.

These three days will help you learn:

Communication skills to improve dialogue with your partner and find solutions to conflicts
Greater compassion and understanding—of both yourself and your partner.
Why the unconscious forces that attract you to each other are also sources of friction.
How to get “unstuck” from the power struggle you are in with your partner
Ways to re-establish the excitement and intimacy of your very first months or years together.
How to achieve growth and lasting fulfillment—for both of you.
Imago Relationship Therapy provides a safe framework for couples to work through their conflict and frustrations. Through a series of communication exercises, partners reach a deeper understanding of what they’re really disagreeing about—and begin to move toward seeing each other as a friend and an ally. For couples who want to enhance an already good relationship, the weekend offers new techniques to deepen to the quality of their life together.

Through guided imagery and written exercises, you and your partner can fully share with each other—perhaps for the very first time.

You’ll have new opportunities for bonding and creating a positive, loving foundation. You’ll witness other couples working on their relationships, hear them share their insights, and see how they resolve conflicts.

This isn’t group therapy or marital counseling. You’re invited to participate in a supportive atmosphere, but never pressured into disclosing personal information.

Often couples come through the workshop and I never know what their personal relationship issues are nor do the other participants.

Emotional safety, comfort, and confidentiality is maintained throughout the weekend. We respect everyone’s privacy.

These workshops are worth at least three to six months of couples’ therapy. Participants vastly reduce the time it takes to learn various communication processes, so that they can get right down to work.