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Couples Intensives

Dr. Joe Kort offers couples intensives!

What is an intensive? For those who simply do not have the availability for weekly scheduled therapy, or have a major concern they feel they must pay particular attention to, a couples intensive can be a relationship saver.

These private sessions resemble a couples workshop, only much more customizable and comprehensive. Scheduled in 4 to 6 hour segments up to entire weekends of 20 hours, these sessions amount to private sex therapy from world renown Dr. Joe Kort.

A couples intensive can be focused on:

  • Returning lost passion and sex drive
  • Resolving communication and connection issues
  • Addressing pornography and internet abuse problems
  • Healing couples after affairs and infidelity disclosure
  • Polyamory and open relationship couseling

Modified treatments can also be developed to cater specifically to the needs of your unique relationship. 

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