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  • Out-of-Control Sexual Behaviors (OCSB) and Sexual Addiction

    Often clients enter therapy worrying that their sexual behaviors feel  out of control. Many label themselves or their partners as sex addicts before getting an adequate assessment and diagnosis.  Here you will receive a thorough evaluation and assessment to uncover what is really happening for you.

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  • Imago Relationship Therapy

    Imago Relationship Therapy (IRT) is a form of relationship therapy innovated by Harville Hendrix, author of the two Best Sellers "Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples," and "Keeping the Love You Find: A Guide for Singles."  IRT integrates and extends the insights of the major western psychological systems, behavioral science and spiritual disciplines into a uniquely comprehensive and systemic theory of primary love relationships.

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  • Mixed Orientation Marriages

    A mixed orientation marriage (MOM) or mixed orientation relationship (MOR) has one spouse gay or bisexual and the other heterosexual. Dr. Kort is a leading expert in this "New Mixed Marriage"  We work with either the couple together or individually depending on the need of each situation.

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  • Sexual Identity Issues

    As important as ethnic and racial identifications can be, deeper and more important is our sexual identity , also called sexual orientation . That word “sexual” is misleading. A person’s sexual identity is not just about sex. It is more like a tribal identity than a signifier of sexual preferences. Sexual interests, sexual behavior, and sexual identity are different and are not always aligned in an individual. 

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  • Sex Therapy

    Sexual Concerns are legitimate and important.  Individuals have a right to expect serious attention and expert knowledge when they consult therapists about sexual questions.  Therapists and Clinical Sexologists focus their specialized skills to help individuals and/or couples to deal with their sexual issues.

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  • Gay Affirmative Psychotherapy

    It isn't enough to be gay friendly, you must be gay informed!

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  • Couples Intensives

    Dr. Joe Kort offers couples intensives!

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