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Here's a sneak preview into my book.

Chapter 1. Jennifer’s Conundrum: Straight Men Who Want Sex With Men

Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. ~ Steve Jobs

Jennifer felt the pieces of her life coming together at last. She and Tom had held off getting married while they waited to see if he would keep his job. So many engineers were being laid off, especially in the auto industry. When it seemed the industry was looking up, they got married. Tom was offered his long-delayed promotion, and she had gotten pregnant on their honeymoon in Hawaii. Jennifer was the happiest she’d ever been in her 32 years on earth.

Tom’s promotion meant that they’d be moving from Warren to Ann Arbor. Both communities were in the Detroit area, but Tom felt Ann Arbor was too far from Warren to commute. The move was disorienting, but not unexpected. A kindergarten teacher in Warren for the past 10 years, Jennifer felt hopeful she’d be able to find a similar job in Ann Arbor. Now, they were hurriedly packing. Tom was scheduled to begin his new position in a few days. Jennifer hadn’t even had time to let her principal know she’d be leaving.

Her cell phone started ringing. It was Tom. "Hi, hon," he said. He was at work, his last day at the Warren office. "There’s a file I can’t find on my computer here," he said. "Can you check to see if it’s on my desktop there?" "Just a minute." She went to his home office. She turned on the floor lamp and pushed "shift" on the keyboard to wake his computer. "It wants a password," she told him.

"Just hit Enter, Hon. There really isn’t a password."

She did, and his computer jumped to display his favorite picture of her, the one from the beach in Hawaii with her laughing, holding her sunhat on with one hand and adjusting the top of her bikini with the other.

"Look in 'Work Documents,'" he was saying. "It’s called 'New Proposal.'"

"I see it," she said.

"That’s a relief. Thought maybe I deleted it or something. Okay. Thanks. Be home late probably. Got to finish here. Love you." And he hung up.

He worked late a lot, but that’s the way it was these days, with everybody wanting to prove they weren’t candidates for the next wave of layoffs. But he was doing fine. The company liked him. He was being promoted. She noticed a folder with a funny name. "Craigslist Sales," it said. Oh, Jennifer thought, I didn’t know he was selling stuff on Craigslist. She opened it. The files inside were named with what seemed to be dates. She opened 070511. It began, "Bi curious? Meet to talk and maybe more." And there was contact information. Jennifer couldn’t believe what she was reading. She opened another. "Find gay, bi, curious guys for free near you with Grindr on your iPhone…" She opened others. They were all like that.

She hated herself for doing it, but she went into his e-mail. It didn’t take her long to find what she didn’t want to find. "Can’t stop thinking how great you are," the most recent message said. "Sorry couldn’t make it last week, but can meet you today at the usual place anytime after 5:00." It was signed, "Your alpha top, Brad." It was dated yesterday.

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