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Out-Of-Control Sexual Behavior is the new Sexual Addiction

There is an excellent book describing some of the negative effects of labeling someone a sex addict. It is written by David Ley titled, The Myth of Sex Addiction

The new term being used is Out of Control Sexual Behaviors  (OCSB). Leading the way in using OCSB is Doug Harvey-Braun and Michael Vigorito in their forthcoming book, Treating Out of Control Sexual Behavior. I am excited about their work and hope to bring them to Michigan in the Fall, 2015. 

I will be writing more about why the term sex addiction  is not an adequate label for most people struggling with sexual behaviors that are interfering with their lives. 

Many reasons exist as to why someone develops loss of control around sexual behaviors.

Many folks with Bipolar Disorder engage in high risk sexual behavior during manic states.

Some folks with Borderline Personality Disorder engage in risky sexual behavior as a general pattern of self-injurious behavior.

Also, some folks who have not resolved severe identity confusion regarding their sexual orientation often engage in compulsive sexual behavior. Of course, some are folks with sexual disorders like exhibitionism, pedophilia and severe fetishes. These folks need much more than sex addiction treatment as their behaviors victimize others. Not all are sex addicts and some are antisocial personalities.

Another group are those who have been sexually abused themselves and are repeating the same pattern in an attempt to gain control over what was not in their control (e.g., their abuse). These are abuse reactive behaviors and the folks often have Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. Some adolescents and young

Adults who are intellectually delayed can develop a pattern of compulsive sexual behavior as they have not developed an accurate understanding of healthy sexuality.

Substance abusers can also develop sexually addictive behavior either while using, especially stimulants, though the sexual addiction can also develop after they have quit using substances as a 'substitute addiction'.

Some folks with a Dependent Personality Disorder can become sexually addicted along with their primary pattern of being addicted to being loved by another person, often called love addiction. Love addicts use sex to get love, and can base their entire identity on the relationship, thus becoming totally dependent on that person.

And finally men with Asperger's Disorder often exhibit out of control sexual behaviors.

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