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  • Educating Our Teens and Tweens About Healthy Sex 28 April 2019

    Despite there being pockets of our society where attitudes toward sexual and gender identity issues are evolving, the vast majority of our culture remains squeamish about addressing sexual health and pleasure. Most sex education in schools, if it is taught at all, focuses on the mechanical aspects of sex — the function of organs, menstruation, etc., and the negative — STI’s, stranger danger, using condoms and pills to prevent unwanted pregnancy, and so on. 

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  • How to Pick the Right Sex Therapist 20 April 2019

    We’re always hearing we could have a better sex life. But, how often do we actually go ‘under the covers’ to better understand our desires and most embarrassing questions?  How do you decide who you’re going to trust with some of your most intimate experiences? Most people do their best to try to fix issues in a relationship when it’s not going well. But sometimes, seeking professional help in this area can be fraught with risk as some therapists aren’t able to deal with these intimate issues effectively.

    There needs to be two separate, parallel conversations, when couples come to sex therapy. One, about the emotional health within the relationship, and the other, about sexual health. Many people think that if the relationship gets better, then the sex will too, or vice versa. Both are a myth.

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  • Male Sexual Fluidity: The New ‘Kid’ on the Block 01 April 2019

    For quite a while we have thought of human sexuality as fitting into just three categories: straight, gay, and bisexual — although in some dictatorial regimes the latter two are said not to exist at all! As a sex therapist, however, I can tell you that there is a far wider range of sexual desire, and it is called sexual fluidity.

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