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  • Your Relationship Can Overcome Infidelity 29 August 2018
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  • What is Cheating? 18 August 2018
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  • How can I get my sexual desire back? Is this part of my life over? 06 August 2018

    Elana Gottfried, LMSW, ACSW
    Just wave the magic wand and the sexual yearnings for your partner will return.

    If only it were that easy. 

    But, the good news is, your desires most likely are not gone forever; they just need a little rediscovery.

    When I work with couples who want to rekindle what they used to have in the bedroom, I first determine if any medical issues are at play. When I rule these out, I take a deeper look into their life: I learn about communication patterns and how the couple interact in their every day life. Do they have the emotional ability to talk about what is going on in their life outside the bedroom? I observe how they relate to each other, how they describe their partner, and if they understand each other's needs. Often, I find a disconnect. 

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  • Why using appropriate words matters in our LGBTQ+ community 01 August 2018

    – By Mark McMillan, LMSW, CAADC

    I am often asked why it is so important to use other words like queer, pansexual or non-binary and not “stick with the basics” like gay or lesbian.

    My response is "because words matter!"

    Just like our struggle to achieve marriage equality, the word “marriage” matters as it implies and defines the institution of marriage; not separate but equal like “union.” Therefore, I patiently explain that words like queer, non-binary and gender-queer also matter. When I am introducing myself at a professional presentation, I say I am a “white, spiritual, cis-gender, gay male." These words (or some would call labels) matter as they define further who I am as a person. To be inclusive is to be accepting and affirming of everything about someone as a person.

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