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  • Read my latest blog post on Psychology Today titled, "Don't Call Harvey Weinstein a Sex Addict: What We Label Things Matters" 18 October 2017

    With all the recent media attention on the Harvey Weinstein scandal—numerous revelations by movie stars about the powerful Hollywood film producer’s sexual harassment and assault habits—we’re seeing many references to his behavior as “sex addiction.” Cleverly, Weinstein has taken the easy path—rehab instead of prison—checking himself into expensive “sex-addiction rehab” programs for the foreseeable future.2017

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  • Pitfalls of Not Being a Sexually Informed Therapist 02 October 2017

    Years ago, I saw a cartoon that really made me laugh: In a therapist’s office, a woman is lying on the typical Freudian couch, and says to the therapist, “You know, doctor, there are some things I don’t tell you.”

    And the therapist responds, “I want you to know, Mrs. Jones, that I really appreciate that!”

    Like most of the best jokes, it hits on a deep truth that we rarely acknowledge—we don’t know what we don’t know, and maybe don’t even want to know. 

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