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  • Straight Men Have Sex with Men For the Cash 31 July 2017

    This video is about straight men who have sex with men for money. They report it isn't the man or the gay sex that turns them on rather it is the cash that turns them on. They have eroticized money. They also do this for money with women however most women do not pay for sex whereas men do.

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  • Here's What It Means If You Catch Your Man Watching Gay Porn by Dr. Joe Kort 18 July 2017

    As a sex and couples’ therapist, I have often seen the seismic reaction that occurs in a relationship when a woman discovers that her man has been looking at or searching for gay porn sites.

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  • My latest article "Is All Fair in Love and Sex? How Couples Can Embrace their Sexual Differences" 17 July 2017

    Most couples therapists, if they were to put aside their mask of neutrality, would agree that women are in a privileged position in therapy because they can usually access their feelings better and have a fuller command of the language for doing so, especially when it comes to sex and intimacy. As a result, couples therapists often spend much of their time trying to get the man to act more like the woman, reclaiming the more feminine parts of himself to deepen his connection with his partner.

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  • What is the Difference Between Bisexual Men and Straight Men Who Have Sex With Men? 16 July 2017

    People always ask me what the difference is between a bisexual man and a straight man who has sex with men. Here is my answer! 

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  • Book recommendation 06 July 2017

    "The struggle over faith and sexuality is an important one for many to resolve in order to come out in a way that feels healthy and complete to them.  With the rise and fall and rising again of services and pseudo-therapies that can feed into the idea that homosexuality is a choice and a bad one, my story gives a non-demonized, compassionate, humorous look at my own journey into these therapies over many years. Get a first hand look into organizations as Exodus, Living Waters, NARTH and reparative therapy and the people behind them."

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  • Straight Acting Guise and Straight Guys: Why The Obsession By Gay Guys? 05 July 2017

    In this video, Dr. Joe talks about the use of the description "straight acting" guys as well as why some gay men are obsessed with straight guys.

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