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  • IMAGO Therapy and the first two Stages of Love: Romantic Love and Power Struggle 21 February 2017

    This video talks about my workshops on IMAGO Relationship Therapy. I describe the first two stages of love and what attracts us to a partner and what causes conflict. The next video will be the final stage of love and how to resolve conflict.

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  • The final stage of love: Real Love 21 February 2017

    Here I talk about how couples make it to real love, love that is based on reality. I talk about the turtle and the hailstorm as well as how we are attractive to familiar love. It is no accident we are with the partner we choose. 

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  • New Study: Younger Gay Men Trending Toward Monogamy 20 February 2017

    Study Press Release:  December 2016…

    A new study, Younger Gay Men’s Perspectives on Monogamy, Non-monogamy, and Marriage  describes a significant shift toward monogamy among younger gay men (ages 18 – 39 years old).  Of 576 respondents, 85% of single men were seeking monogamous relationships, and there was an overwhelming preponderance of monogamous couples (86%)

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  • Dealing with Post Trumpatic Stress Disorder What To Do When Someone You Love Voted For Trump 01 February 2017

    These are trying, scary times for LGBTQ people. We are seeing increasing divisiveness. Every day on Facebook I see people blocking and unfriending each other, and I must admit I have done the same. A lot of this comes from people not hearing each other, attacking each other or not truly engaging in dialogue. Other times it is the only thing to do, and I fully understand that. 

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