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  • My latest article for Huffington Post is trending: The Bisexual Dilemma: Grief and The Loss of Gay and Lesbian Privilege 19 July 2016

    As a sex therapist, I ran a gay men’s group for 21 years. Some five years ago, I brought in a man who identified as bisexual. The result was appalling. The group was very hard on him, insisting that he had to be one or the other — gay or straight. It became apparent that the group was not ready to accept this man’s sexual identity. What was not apparent to most was how they were doing to him the same thing that the majority of heterosexuals do to gays and lesbians — shunning, and making him an outcast — demonstrating their own biphobia.

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  • Anal Play and Prostate Massage Isn't Just for Gay Men--Straight Men Enjoy Receiving Too. 12 July 2016

    Back in January, hip-hop artist Kanye West found himself embroiled in a Twitter feud with rapper Whiz Khalifa. Soon, model and ex-girlfriend Amber Rose got in on the action. “Awww @kanyewest are u mad I’m not around to play in ur a-shole anymore? #FingersInTheBootyA-sBitch,” tweeted Rose.

    When West eventually responded, he denied ever having engaged in anal play of any sort, writing, “I stay away from that area all together [sic].” He then added, “I’m not into that kind of s–t…”

    Sadly, this knee-jerk defensiveness is common among heterosexual men who are intrigued by—or who enjoy—anal play. 

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