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  • Male Sexual Fludity 16 November 2014

    When I try to have meaningful conversations with people about this issue and say that the answer is not so simple, many people don't accept any other possibility. Just because a man has sexual interest in, or engages in sexual activity with, another man doesn't automatically mean he is gay or bisexual.

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  • Mixed Orientation Marriages: The New Mixed Marriage 14 November 2014

    Mixed orientation marriages make up approximately 2 million marriages in the United States according to the Straight Spouse Network. A mixed orientation marriage is when one spouse is gay or bisexual and the other is straight.

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  • Out-Of-Control Sexual Behavior is the new Sexual Addiction 14 November 2014

    The term Sexual Addiction  is the term most used these days to describe compulsive sexual behavior. The term was popularized by Patrick Carnes in 1983. Today the term is becoming increasingly outdated and we are finding in the field that is doesn't fully describe or define what people are experiencing. 

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